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Standard Kitchen Designs

The Work Triangle

While kitchens range in size from small kitchen design to large, open-concept kitchen & dining spaces, the form and function of your kitchen should revolve around your immediate work area. Kitchen plans should focus on reducing walk time between key areas of the space including the sink, stove, refrigerator and work space on the countertops.

Rules of Design

  1. No one side of the work triangle should be greater than 9 feet.
  2. The triangle should not be interrupted by traffic or cabinetry.
  3. The perimeter of the triangle should measure no more than 26 feet.

What's Your Design Shape?

View the following design shapes to determine the closest style to your new kitchen.

This style incorporates both the kitchen and dining room by utilizing an additional common space. The peninsula-shaped kitchen island design allows for additional seating and storage within a smaller space, and is ideal for both open-concept and small kitchen designs.
This is one of the most popular kitchen designs, and is great for renovations within an existing area without the added cost of moving walls. Work in this triangle is primarily uninterrupted by traffic and there is ample room for appliances. An expansion option is to lengthen one side of the L to gain even greater cabinet & storage space.
Depending on the size of your kitchen area, you can expand the design to incorporate an island for additional work or eating space and storage. Large islands can even include the cook top or second sink area.
Kitchen Island Designs
According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, over 50% of kitchens designed today include a center island. Whether you're looking for additional space, (and who isn't today?) or a focal or family gathering point for your kitchen, a center island is the perfect solution. Whatever style you choose, don't forget about lighting your island for the best possible utilization of the space.

Expansion Options for your Kitchen

Kitchen Pantries
By annexing space from other area of the home a walk-in pantry can be created. Customize your pantry with unique multi-layered storage doors & cabinets, racking systems and shelves to maximize vertical space and gain the most function.
Deep Cupboards and Drawers
Pull out racking systems can streamline storage in those hard to reach spaces. Use in-drawer horizontal storage such as spice racks and knife blocks to gain additional space and protect fingers from sharp blades.
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